Rubber Surfaces



Rubber Surfacing uses EPDM rubber granules and polyurethane binder to create highly durable, non-slip flooring for applications around the home.

You don't need to do any major tear outs or demolition to renovate and make your property look fantastic. Old cracked concrete, shifted interlock, sunken asphalt and more are easily covered with rubber surfacing to create brand new, luxury surfaces for your home.
Slip Resistant
Porous rubber surfaces allow water to drain through and provide non-slip benefits.
Crack & Shift Resistant
High tensile strength and elasticity help rubber surfaces resist cracking or shifting from the movement of underlying surfaces.
Easy to Clean
Dirt and stains are easily removed with a power washer to keep your surface looking brand new.
Easy to Repair
Rubber surfaces are incredibly durable but accidents can happen. Any gouges or damage is easily repaired with a seamless patch.
Wide Colour Variety
A huge selection of base colours for our rubber granules allows us to create colour mixtures to match your home or accents around your property.
Hand trowelled rubber surfaces can create custom designs, borders, logos and more to make your rubber surface unique.
Poured in place rubber surfaces are installed in one continuous pour creating a smooth, seamless surface, leaving less exposed edges that could be damaged, creating a stronger overall surface.
Environmentally Friendly
Recycled rubber surfaces help keep tires out of landfills and provide an environmentally friendly way to level or build up areas to regrade for your new rubber surface.
Pool Decks

Attention To Detail

The difference between a satisfactory project and a great one is all in the details. We make sure we do the little things right so that your rubber surface is the best it can be. All of our copings are ground to provide a seamless transition into the pool. Pool anchors are always raised to make sure you have access when it comes time to cover your pool. Borders and designs are meticulously marked out to provide crisp lines and get your pool looking exactly how you want it.

Elegant, Low-Maintenance Rubber Surfacing Installations

Standard Colour Mixes


Installations & Materials

Rubber Granules
All top coat surfaces are installed with the highest quality EPDM or TPV virgin rubber granules, which are coloured all the way through the granule to ensure the product does not fade over time. Virgin, manufactured granules are used to provide the strongest surface possible and maintain that strength for the duration of the products lifespan.

Base layer surfaces are created using SBR recycled tire rubber granules. SBR granules are black and typically utilized for levelling and for providing extra thickness to give the surface a softer, bouncier feel for extra cushioning and safety.
Resin Binder
A polyurethane resin adhesive is used to bond all of the rubber granules to each other as well as bond them to the underlying surface. A clear resin is used which remains clear after curing and being exposed to UV. An ambering resin can also be used which turns a yellowish colour for approximately one year before UV exposure returns it to a clear colour, however this is only recommended for dark colour mixtures which use lots of black rubber to minimize visible ambering. Both resin options provide strong and long-lasting bonds between the rubber granules and the underlying surface.
Installation Process
The underlying surface is first cleaned of all dirt and loose debris before being prepped for installation. Once ready, the surface is primed with a mixture of polyurethane resin and a small amount of a thinning agent to allow the resin to cover the surface more easily and prevent bubbling from excess resin. All edges are primed with straight resin for extra strength. Dry rubber granules are then mixed to the colour ratio decided upon by the customer. Once evenly mixed, resin is added to the rubber granules and left to mix thoroughly and all granules are evenly coated with resin. The resin covered rubber mixture is then poured onto the surface and spread using a trowel to a uniform thickness, typically 3/8". When the rubber is evenly spread and level it is "closed", which means using the trowel to apply pressure to smooth the surface and ensure all rubber granules are tightly bonded to each other and the surface beneath. This process is repeated until the entire area is covered in one seamless surface.
Finished Product
The finished product of poured in place rubber is a seamless, tightly bonded surface with a uniform colour mixture that provides excellent drainage and non-slip properties. The new low maintenance surface is easily cleaned with a power-washer and is anti-microbial and anti-fungal. A properly installed pour in place rubber surface has a lifespan of 20 years or more with a small amount of maintenance. Through regular cleaning (a couple times a year), avoiding damaging the surface, and calling us every 6-7 years to re-roll the surface with resin to maintain the integrity of the surface, your pour-in-place surfacing will provide you with 20+ years of enjoyment.