Pools are the centre piece of ones backyard for everyone to enjoy. Safety and reliability are among the top concerns of home and business owners. Pour in place rubber surfacing is non-slip, even when wet, and porous allowing for excellent drainage. Rubber surfacing is the best product available to make sure your friends and family can enjoy activities around your pool safely.


Coping Edge

To ensure a smooth transition from the rubber to the pool coping, a wedge of concrete is removed from around the coping which allows the rubber to be finished down against the coping and lie flush with it. This prevents anything from getting under the edge of the rubber and protects from damage from people getting in and out of your pool.

Pool Cover Anchors

During installation, all anchors for pool covers a raised up the same height as the thickness of the rubber. Rubber is troweled around the anchors, leaving them exposed and fully functional for when you need to put your winter cover back on the pool.

Colour Matching

A wide variety of colour options and customizable ratios gives us the ability to create a surface that compliments your backyard perfectly. Colours to match your pool liner, house or surrounding stone help turn your backyard into a luxury area.


Turn your pool deck into an exciting part of your backyard with a fun design, such as a dolphin or a palm tree, to help give your backyard the feeling of being an oasis. A simple border can also help create a look of extra depth and elegance for your pool deck.

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