How our story Started

Working summer jobs while students as installers for a rubber surfacing company, Paul and Matt worked hard and developed the skills to trowel rubber expertly.

The industry was largely unknown to the public but was growing year after year. There was also a growing negative reputation for the product from bad installations and companies not honouring warranties.

After being laid off, the Bousfield brothers chose to start their own company and put their skills and knowledge to use to redeem the industry's image and foster positive relationships with clients. Starting out of their shed, Paul and Matt hunted down any jobs they could find and committed to providing the highest quality rubber installations in the industry.

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New team members have joined our crews over the years, such as our newest talented installer, Graham. To maintain our quality of installations means all of our new installers receive extensive on the job training to give them the skills and knowledge to succeed with us. This keeps all of our projects completed to the highest standard and warrantied by us, not dealers or 3rd party installers with just a weekend course of learning.

On our journey, we have done our best to leave every client happy and our 5-star reviews tell the tale of our success in that regard. As we continue to grow and reach more families and bigger projects, we intend to keep our focus on completing all projects with the client in mind, and ensuring they get an outstanding finished surface.

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Shortly after the company began, Matt's childhood friend Nathan joined the team. Now able to get more projects done and take on larger jobs, the company continued to grow steadily through excellence on every project and unparalleled customer service.

Strong work ethic and commitment to great relationships with all of our clients helped our grassroots company develop and grow through word of mouth and a long-lasting product that speaks for itself.

This focus on quality and client relationships has helped us grow year by year and allows us to provide safe, durable, and beautiful surfaces to more families and homes each year.

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Where we're headed

As a small business, built from the ground up, we pride ourselves not just in giving our clients the best possible product, but also in the relationships we develop in doing so. In our continual growth, our relationships have grown with us to include municipalities, daycares, schools, and other companies in the landscaping and construction industries. These connections have helped us to expand our reach from creating beautiful and safe surfaces for families at their homes to providing fun and safe playgrounds and play areas that look amazing for communities to enjoy for many years.

We're looking forward to continuing to make these connections and create new surfaces for families to enjoy, as well as fix up old surfaces to give new life to areas that need some work.

The future direction of our company combines our roots of residential surfaces, such as pool decks and patios, alongside our developing commercial projects creating play areas, athletic surfaces, and other unique surfaces, all with our characteristic commitment to industry leading quality installations.

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Meet The Team

Paul Bousfield


Matt Bousfield

Playground Manager

Nathan Bryan

Lead Installer 

Bob Markovic

Sales Representative

Mike North

Sales Representative

Graham Duguid

Installer & Estimator