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Equestrian Barns

When it comes to boarding and caring for horses, we know no expense has been spared and you want the best. ORI pour-in-place rubber equestrian flooring provides a durable, firm flooring that won't be damaged by horses but also provides cushion and non-slip benefits for your horse's safety and comfort. 

Rubber pour in place surfaced equestrian barn installed by Ontario Rubber Installations
Non slip rubber sufacing for horse stables


Rubber surfacing is slip-resistant, adding extra safety to the floor of your horse barn. No need to worry about staff or client's slipping and falling, as well as providing grip for your horse's hooves, giving a stable and safe flooring option for your stables. 

Cushioning rubber surfacing for horse barns


Adding our rubber paving to your equestrian facilities provides a strong, firm surface that won't split or shift, but still has the cushioning benefits of rubber. This helps reduce leg impact shock on hooves and can give some added comfort and relief to horses with leg and hoof soreness.

Anti-microbial rubber surface flooring for equestrian barns


Equestrian barns house large animals and with that comes lots of dirt and filth. Rubber flooring has anti-microbial properties that will aid in the prevention of bacteria growth that could cause odors, stains, and unhealthy living conditions in between cleanings.

Easy to clean rubber flooring foor horse barns and stables


Rubber flooring is easy to clean as you are able to sweep it, vaccuum, wash with soap and water, power wash and more. Add our waterproof sealer to wash stalls to keep the dirtiest areas cleaner even easier!

Quality rubber surfacing for horse barns and stables installed by Ontario Rubber Installations

Details & Quality

The quality of a service is in the fine details and craftsmanship of the surface. Making sure our rubber flooring is tightly bonded across the entire surface for a proper finish that will hold together ensures the integrity of the surface. Finishing our surface flush with the edges of corresponding surfaces provides smooth transitions for ease of movement for people and horses.

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