From community play areas, home playgrounds, to daycares or anything in between, rubber is the perfect solution for safety and fun. Recycled rubber base layers are installed on top of a compacted sub-surface to provide all the bounce needed to keep children safe and comply with required fall height specifications. Premium virgin rubber granules used for the top coat ensure that your playground can be any colour and design you wish and provide a strong, durable surface that will withstand constant use for many years.




Base layer thickness can be easily varied to suit your needs for desired level of cushion and bounce as well as to meet specific fall height guidelines. It can also be used to change the grade of your playground in different areas to create unique shapes and features.


Our premium EPDM and TPV rubber granules come in a wide variety of colours and mixing on site allows us to create any colour ratios you could want, from solid colours to 3 or more colour mixes. This variety makes all sorts of patterns, different coloured sections and other design elements such as writing or logos to create a unique and exciting playground.


High quality EPDM and TPV virgin rubber granules are used for all top coats to ensure a strong and lasting bond with the polyurethane resin and the subsurface which provides a uniform, sealed surface which is designed to remain intact for 15+ years. These granules are coloured all the way through to ensure your surface doesn't fade over its lifespan, keeping the whole playground as bright and colourful as the day it was installed.


All playgrounds to date have passed inspections and met all testing standards set by the CPSI and the CSA. Our pour in place rubber playground surfaces are designed to meet the GMAX and HIC testing requirements and are installed in accordance with ASTM F-1292 standard specifications.

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