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Beige rubber surfacing on farm themed playground


From community play areas, home playgrounds, to daycares or anything in between, rubber is the perfect solution for safety and fun. Recycled rubber base layers are installed on top of a compacted sub-surface to provide all the bounce needed to keep children safe and comply with required fall height specifications. Premium virgin rubber granules used for the top coat ensure that your playground can be any colour and design you wish and provide a strong, durable surface that will withstand constant use for many years.

Rubber surfacing for playgrounds and daycares installed by Ontario Rubber Installations
Recycled tire rubber for playgrounds and daycares


Recycled tire rubber is used in all playground base layers to provide a soft cushion layer that is also eco-friendly. SBR rubber bases keep tires out of landfills and allow playgrounds to be safe while keeping your price down.

Custom colours and designs for playgrounds and daycares


Premium manufactured EPDM rubber granules allow us to create spectacular rubber surfaces in a huge variety of colours that you get to make your own. Fun shapes, patterns, or designs are all available with the only limit being your imagination.


Rubber surfacing gives the best of both worlds. Durable EPDM top coats provide a strong surface with high elasticity to prevent breaking from hard use and high traffic. Adjustable cushion layer depths make safety simple and ensures your playground meets all safety standards and actually keeps kids safe while they have fun.

Rubber surfacing for playground accessibility


Rubber surfacing makes playground accessibility simple. The firmness of rubber surfacing allows children and adults of all physical ability to use the playground without impediment. It's hand trowelled nature makes creating ramped areas easy to provide access without sacrificing the safety of the surface.

Rubber safety surfacing on climbing playground structures installed by Ontario Rubber Installations


All of our playgrounds to date have passed all inspections and exceeded all testing standards set by the CPSI and the CSA. Our pour in place rubber playground surfaces are designed to surpass the GMAX and HIC testing requirements and are installed in accordance with ASTM F-1292 standard specifications to ensure the safety of everyone enjoying ORI playgrounds. 

Blue rubber playground surface with yellow polkadots
Ladybugs, clouds and sky designs in rubber playground
Concentric dark and light green rectangle pattern rubber play area
Blue and black rubber playground surfacing
Big Nickel playground slide with red and yellow rubber surfacing
Residential rubber playground surface in blues and grey
Orange rubber daycare play area
Conjoined playgrounds with rubber surfacing, tracks and shapes
Colourful stars and circles in playground rubber surface
Beige rubber playground at Happy Rolphs Animal Farm
Recycled rubber paving playground base layer
Playground stone sublayer before rubber surface
Happy Rolphs Animal Farm beige rubber playground
Playground log tunnel and log steps with beige rubber surface
Rubber goldfish and river design
Rubber lilypads in play area
Rubber playground safety surface with maple leaf
Rubber goldfish design
Residential playground with beige rubber surfacing
Playground tunnel climbing structure with grey and brown rubber
Nate Trowelling Playground.jpg
Blue and grey rubber residential playground
Jewish playground edited.jpg
Big Nickel Science Museum playground with red rubber surface
Clouds and sun design on rubber school playground
Green rubber play area
Spreading blue EPDM rubber under rope playground climber
john rebecca play knoll.jpg
Red rubber playground surface at ground level
Red rubber playground
Red rubber playground
Blue rubber playground surface
Overlooking Big Nickel Science Museum playground
Black SBR recycled rubber playground surface
Red SBR rubber playground
Black recycled rubber playground base layer
Green rubber playground surface
Grey rubber daycare play area with teal rubber loop
Rubber daycare play area with starfish
Sarnia rubber playground with maple leaves and maple syrup spill design
Green rubber play area with brown and blue designs
Green rubber residential playground
Recycled rubber base layer for residential playground
SBR recycled rubber base layer playground surface at animal farm
Beige rubber surface finished flush with concrete under play structure
SBR recycled rubber base under swing set
Red rubber play area
Bright red rubber surface for play area and yoga space
Dark and light green concentric rectangles in rubber play surface
Green rubber residential play surface
Grey rubber daycare playground surface
Playground climbing structures with grey rubber safety surface
Blue rubber surface around truck tire play structure
Small red rubber playground
Red rubber surfacing at building entrance and seating area
Blue rubber playground surface under swing set
Green rubber playground during installation
Blue rubber playground surface
Close up of EPDM rubber top coat over SBR base layer for playground
Abstract maple syrup spill designed rubber playground surface
Orange rubber surfacing in connected daycare play areas
Teal rubber playground surface
Wooden residential playground with beige rubber surfacing
Residential playground with beige rubber safety surface
Residential playground slides and climbing wall with beige rubber surface underneath
Orange rubber daycare play surface

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