Pour in place rubber can turn your damaged and broken garage or driveway into a brand new surface that looks and feels good. Canadian winters wreak havoc with driveways and garages, cracking and shifting them, but with rubber you can cover and fill those cracks with a surface that will expand and contract with the weather and won't crack.



Fills & Levels Imperfections

Cracks in your garage or sinking and shifting on your driveway not only look bad but can be tripping hazards as well. The use of recycled tire rubber lets us fill large cracks and level uneven surfaces to make your garage and driveway safer and look better at the same time.

Smooth Transitions

Whether it's exiting your garage or where your driveway meets the street, pour in place is able to create a smooth joint between both surfaces. By grinding out a wedge of material either where the garage meets the driveway or the driveway meets the street, we are able to seal the rubber flush with the adjoining surface to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Easy To Clean

The semi-porous nature of pour in place rubber allows spills to drain off the surface preventing any excessive buildup of oil or other typical leaks found on driveways or garages. This also allows for easy cleaning of the surface as water can penetrate to the subsurface making power-washing a simple way to remove dirt, spills and any stains, such as salt or oil, from your garage or driveway.

Softer & Safer

If you're someone who spends lots of time in their garage, using it as a workshop, then pour in place rubber is a great way to make that time more enjoyable. The cushioning provided by rubber means long hours spent in the garage won't be so bad on your knees and you have less worry about damaging tools or parts if they are dropped on the floor.

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