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Unique Surfaces
Unique Learning

Exciting, individualized safe play surfaces tailored to each Montessori school's personalized needs. Create fun spaces for students to explore and learn on their own while engaging in play.

Children can have fun while developing motor skills and muscle strength through movement on a professionally installed safety surface.

A safer surface means less to worry about so teachers and students alike can focus on the learning.
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Educational Tools

Add designs of your choice to include built-in aids for student education and learning directly into the new surface for your play area. ​

Shapes, colours, patterns and more can be designed to give large representations to use in learning for children to play and physically engage with.
Slip Resistant
Porous rubber surfacing allows water to drain and provides additional non-slip benefits beyond just the grip you get from rubber.
Crack & Shift Resistant
High tensile strength and elasticity helps rubber surfaces resist cracking or shifting from movement of underlying surfaces.
Easy To Clean
Dirt and stains easily cleaned with power washer to keep your surface looking brand new.
Easy To Repair
Rubber surfaces are incredibly durable but accidents can happen. Any gouges or damage is easily repaired with a seamless patch.
Wide Colour Variety
A huge selection of base colours for our rubber granules allows us to create colour mixtures to match your home or accents around your property.
Hand trowelled rubber surfaces can create custom designs, borders, logos and more to make your rubber surface unique.
Poured in place rubber surfaces are installed in one continuous pour creating a smooth, seamless surface, leaving less exposed edges that could be damaged, creating a stronger overall surface.
Recycled rubber surfaces help keep tires out of landfills and provide an environmentally friendly way to level or build up areas to regrade for your new rubber surface.
Daycares & Schools

Engaged Designs

Bright, colourful features integrated into your play surface help create an engaging and inviting atmosphere to allow children to get excited and explore their surroundings in a safe environment.
Daycares & Schools

Themed Play Areas

Turn your young student's recess playground into an intentionally structured and themed area for fun and learning. With options such as tracks, groups of similar and differing coloured shapes, or nature scenes, children can get some exercise and engage with their peers in ways that are fun and provide meaningful opportunities for new understanding.