Make an Impression

Your home is a major investment in your life and isn't just a place to live but a way to showcase who you are. Your front entrance is the first thing you see when you come home and the last thing you see when you leave. Use the entrance to your house as a way to share your aesthetic with the neighbourhood and set the style for your home.​

Rubber surfacing for your entranceway allows you to take old, tired porch and walkway looks and cover them to give them a complete facelift. A wide variety of colours and design possibilities let you create the perfect entrance to your home without having to demolish anything.
Slip Resistant
Porous rubber surfacing allows water to drain and provides additional non-slip benefits beyond just the grip you get from rubber.
Crack & Shift Resistant
High tensile strength and elasticity helps rubber surfaces resist cracking or shifting from movement of underlying surfaces.
Easy to Clean
Dirt and stains easily cleaned with power washer to keep your surface looking brand new.
Easy to Repair
Rubber surfaces are incredibly durable but accidents can happen. Any gouges or damage is easily repaired with a seamless patch.
Wide Colour Variety
A huge selection of base colours for our rubber granules allows us to create colour mixtures to match your home or accents around your property.
Hand trowelled rubber surfaces can create custom designs, borders, logos and more to make your rubber surface unique.
Poured in place rubber surfaces are installed in one continuous pour creating a smooth, seamless surface, leaving less exposed edges that could be damaged, creating a stronger overall surface.
Shovel Safe
Rubber entrances are easy to shovel in the winter. The porous surface resists ice adhering to the surface allowing you to easily get under the ice and remove it. Ice melter can be used on the rubber safely.

Safe & Stylish

Non-slip rubber surfacing is the ideal solution for a front entrance that looks great and gives you peace of mind that you're loved ones are safe when they come and go from your home. Shovel and snow-blower safe, plus resistant to ice sticking to it, rubber surfacing is fantastic for keeping your home easy to enter in the winter.

Pricing Guide

Prices are ranges based on averages and actual price depends on factors such as underlying surface and it's condition, colour choice, leveling and prep work and more.