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Ugly, Old, Sunken Concrete? Cover it Quick with Rubber Surfacing!

Most homes in Ontario with concrete pool decks are in desperate need of fixing their weathered decks. The constant freeze and thaw cycle deteriorates and erodes our concrete

aggregate surfaces faster than southern climates. Pitting, shifting and cracking are problems that thousands of home owners have to deal with. The choice to tear out your existing pool deck or concrete surface is an extremely difficult one. The process is invasive and extensive. Collateral yard and grass damage is inevitable with demolition, along with weeks of an unusable yard and pool. Stealing memories and time you and your family could use enjoying your pool deck.

Rubber surfacing is a non-invasive and fast installation process! You will have your space free to enjoy after a 24-48 hour curing period. Almost all projects can be completed in a 1-2 day period. Any cracks, pitting and shifting issues can be solved. Due to the physical characteristics of wet rubber surfacing we are able to level out any low areas caused by these issues. Once cured the rubber will permanently harden to the level it was finished


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