Slip and Injury Prevention for Hotel Pools

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The top attraction for families and adults when choosing a hotel is often the pool. Hotel pools allow a fun space for kids to play and a great workout for adults to exercise and unwind. Having a safe place for the kids, elderly and everyone in between to enjoy is essential. Often hotel pools only preventative measure for pool safety is rules and signage, often with no life guard supervising. Tiles are the most common hotel pool deck option. These tiled surfaces become extremely prone to slipping when wet. Investing in a safer alternative for your customers will help differentiate your establishment as one that truly cares for their well being.

Rubber surfacing will help protect your guests from injury and protect your business from liability. Rubber surfacing will allow your hotel to have a truly non-slip pool deck. When rules for no running are broken and slips are most likely to happen there is now another line of prevention against slip injuries. The rubber surfacing is porous, preventing any standing water. Water can easily pass through the surface and continue to drain areas.

Depth markings, no running and no diving signage can designed into the rubber surfacing. Having signage made of the rubber surfacing means you no longer need to repaint your pool deck rules on tile. Custom fun designs and logos for customers to enjoy are all possible to really set your hotel pool apart.