Pave the way for backyard fun this summer with rubber paving for your pool deck!

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Snow may still be piling up but as always pool season is right around the corner. Its never too early to start planning for those backyard upgrades to make your pool the place to be this summer. Old concrete and interlock around pools in Southern Ontario are always going to have issues, whether it’s cracking, shifting or both. Stubbed toes and broken bits of concrete in the pool are not what you want to be thinking about when you are trying to enjoy your backyard. Ripping out the entire area and starting from scratch isn’t an exciting prospect for any homeowner, so why not skip it?

Get your pool renovations and backyard makeovers started with our rubber pool deck resurfacing. Rubber offers long lasting solutions to old, damaged pool decks without having to demolish first. Large chunks missing or big shifted sections are no problem as we can completely fill and level the surface with recycled tire rubber to fix problem areas on the surface before our top-coat EPDM rubber creates a smooth, safe new surface around your pool.

Rubber paving isn’t just good for fixing problems but creating exciting new looks for your backyard as well! Natural stone is incredibly popular these days for homeowners to make their backyard look elegant and modern and provide a nice contrast with grass or gardens. A wide selection of our rubber colour mixtures incorporate greys to create a natural stone look that matches the real thing and looks every bit as modern and elegant.

Add a charcoal or dark grey border to your pool deck rubber surfacing and it will imitate the look of a coping stone and create a lovely accent for your pool.

For a further updated look, consider a brand-new pool liner to give the pool itself a facelift and then work with us for a matching colour in our rubber paving for the rest of your pool deck to create a truly unique backyard that matches beautifully and can compliment the rest of your home and greatly increase curb appeal.

Renovations are an ongoing process and can take a lot of time, especially these days with delays and lots of people wanting work done on their home. Rubber pool deck resurfacing takes a huge focal area of your home and makes it new in no time with most projects being a one-day installation. Two days of curing time later and you have your upgraded backyard ready for friends and family to enjoy, all in less than a week so you don’t miss out on using your pool!

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