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Make your swimming classes safe and fun by covering that old slippery tile surface with safe, non-slip rubber surfacing. Custom colours and design inlay options can help you create a fun, themed pool area for kids to enjoy while they learn to swim!



Semi-porous surface allows water to drain, keeping your pool deck slip resistant and safe for kids of all ages.


Custom Colour

A wide variety of base colour options allows you to customize the look of your pool deck to match your walls or pool, or even create an exciting surface made to standout on its own. 


Fun Designs

Add a fun design to your pool deck, such as aquatic animals or beach themed objects, to provide a truly unique and inspired learning environment for children.


Safety Inlays

Personally designed stencils combined with a seamless inlay allow us to create custom safety instructions and pool deck markings that are permanent and stand out to get the message across.

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