High quality turf systems to provide an excellent play surface for both indoor and outdoor sports fields. From indoor gyms, recreational sports areas, to professional, competitive sports fields, we can provide the artificial grass to fit your needs, including coloured turfs for designated field lines, differentiating field areas or team logos.





Made with ultra premium Tapeslide XP yarn, this turf is designed for heavy traffic areas and extreme shock absorption. Turf comes standard with a 5mm foam backing, with options for 8mm or 10mm of foam for even greater shock absorption. With a face weight of 48 oz and a pile height of 3/4", this lightweight turf is a highly durable product.



This indoor turf is an ideal option for a lightweight, workhorse athletic flooring. The polyethylene yarns provide incredible wear resistance and are much less abrasive than nylons making for a soft surface. The 5mm standard foam cushion backing provides excellent shock absorption, with options for 8mm or 10mm foam backing for extra absorption. With a 36 oz face weight and 9/16" pile height, this light turf provides a strong and soft playing surface.



This versatile turf provides a strong, resilient surface able to withstand heavy use while giving a realistic, grass feel and play to your athletic field. The V-shaped monofilament yarn is specially designed for the strength of the turf. With a face weight of 40 oz and pile heights from 1-2.5", this turf is a perfect solution for your athletic fields or multi-sport needs.

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