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Poured rubber surfacing for outdoor gym fitness zones.

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Public parks are a staple of every good community. Local green spaces provide numerous benefits to those who live near and use them, including improved physical and mental health. Outdoor spaces where people can enjoy nature and exercise freely offer opportunity for a lot of the community to benefit from the park without worry over cost or access compared to private gyms.

Adding body-weight exercise equipment areas to public parks increases the functionality and potential of a park for exercise and health benefits. Creating areas with a safe and comfortable surface lets people focus on their workout and less on falling or hurting themselves while exercising and enjoying the park. Rubber safety surfacing offers a durable, long-lasting option for creating public exercise pads with non-slip properties and the firmness for dynamic workouts without being hard on the body or joints.

A lot of private gyms are expensive and busy places that can be prohibitive to many people and daunting for joining and exercising surrounded by so many strangers these days. Outdoor gyms and public park gyms offer the freedom to exercise at will and for free, making it much more accessible to local residents and those who may not be able to afford a private gym membership. Outdoor exercise equipment increases the possibilities for individual workouts while enjoying fresh air and green space. These spaces offer more Covid safe workouts for those who are also concerned about indoor interactions with too many strangers.

There are numerous studies on the psychological and physical health benefits of exercising and spending time in nature, as well as doing both together, and the benefits are vast, ranging from reduced stress and anger levels, lowered blood pressure, improved moods and improved self-esteem, to name a few.

Public park gyms can be a great space for various exercise classes for group workouts or intense circuit workouts that can involve lots of vigorous and strenuous activity. You want the right surface for your exercises. You might want to run on a trail or do yoga in the grass, but when using body-weight exercise machines or doing explosive, dynamic movements, a slip-resistant, firm rubber gym flooring helps you get the most out of your reps. Poured rubber flooring can be used as an overlay for old concrete in your local park to create a safer, better looking surface for a new outdoor gym but it can also be used to create new surfaces for fitness zones when used in concert with compacting gravel. Recycled tire rubber mixed with resin creates a level, stable base over stone and is then covered with coloured EPDM rubber granules mixed with high strength polyurethane to create a beautiful, new fitness area at local parks.

Studies have shown that the closer in proximity people are to public parks, the more likely they are to utilize the space and facilities. Including new fitness zones with safe and long-lasting rubber surfacing creates functional exercise areas to compliment the natural, green space of the park and helps increase the likelihood of the local community engaging in physical activity. A healthier, thriving community is a goal worth striving for and is more achievable than ever.

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