The ideal solution to your low maintenance commercial or residential landscaping project. A wide variety of turf styles and lengths to choose from to achieve the perfect look and level of durability. All artificial grass options are environmentally friendly and require no watering, fertilizer, or mowing. All turfs are heat and frost resistant and UV stabile to prevent damage or fading from exposure to Canada's climate. Anti-microbial properties keep your new artificial grass clean and safe. Landscape turfs are the easiest way to get a perfect lawn that stays that way all year long.



RYMAR 51 & 81

This line of turf comes in an olive green colour with a layer of golden thatch for a realistic look and a polyurethane backing. The 51 oz version has a pile height of 1.5" and is a great economical choice and suits a light to moderate trafficked area. the 81 oz turf has a 2" pile height a is great for pool or playground areas, or areas exposed to road salts.


Premium turf line that comes in an emerald/lime green colour combination with a golden thatch layer and is designed to keep surface heat to a minimum. These turfs maintain the strength of similar turfs while adding extra softness and comfort. The 50 oz turf has a pile height of 1.5" and is best in light-moderate traffic such as play areas or landscaping around your home. The 80 oz turf has a 1.95" pile height and is suitable for moderate-high traffic areas such as a busy lawn or a playground.


Durablade turf is made specially to truly replicate grass in heavy traffic landscape areas and provide a soft touch feel. This style of turf is made with "S" shaped 3D yarn to reduce heat retention and comes in an emerald/olive green colour mixture with a golden thatch layer. The 65 oz version has a 1.5" pile height, while the 95 oz turf has a 2" pile height. Both are suited for busy playgrounds, landscaping, deck overlays and multiplay surfaces.

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