From pathways along your golf course to steps to get into your clubhouse or even changing rooms, pour in place rubber surfacing is a great way to create a non-slip and attractive surface to enhance the beauty and safety of your golf course.

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Uneven hazardous walkways and steep paths are easily made safe and more pleasing to the eye with pour in place surfacing. The bond between our temperature, UV and chemical resistant resin and rubber granules can stand up to high traffic areas. Wet pour surfaces are easily installed and maintained offering the best option for safe travel between fairways.


Create a safer environment for your valued club members and visitors by adding pour in place rubber to your entryways or change rooms. The porous, non-slip surface it creates will provide comfort and beauty for all that won't damage, or be damaged by, golf shoes.


To receive a quote please provide us with your name, contact information and leave a brief description of the area you would like resurfaced and which material you are interested in resurfacing with and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to organize a time for a free quote.

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