Entranceways are the first thing everyone sees when they come to your home and you want them to be not only beautiful but also safe. As the main entrance and exit they also receive a lot of wear and tear from continuous use. Pour in place rubber turns every entryway into a luxury entrance with all the benefits of a safety surface. Eliminate all imperfections and turn your front entrance into a seamless surface to rival the beauty of stone at a much cheaper cost.



Avoid Ice Buildup

The porous and granular nature of pour in place rubber is excellent at preventing serious ice buildup and adhesion on your entryway. Ice that forms is unable to adhere properly to the rubber surface, allowing it to be easily removed with a shovel. Your rubber entryway is also safe for de-icing products to be used, making it a safe winter surface.

Hide Cracks & Shifting

Pour in place rubber is able to be built up by hand, giving it the ability to fix serious cracks and shifts in the underlying surface. Eliminate unsightly trip hazards in your entryways by filling and levelling with rubber to make a new, seamless surface.

Custom Colours

Our wide array of colour options allows us to create custom mixtures and ratios to perfectly match the exterior of your home or business. Customization give us the ability to match the look of stone or brick to give your entryway the feeling of being the same material, or we are able to create a contrasting colour that compliments your home yet stands out as unique and beautiful.

Safer Entrance

Whether it's raining, or you have family members prone to falls, pour in place rubber is a soft, non-slip option to make your entryway safer for everyone. Porous rubber surfacing allows water to drain to prevent slips from wet surfaces and rubbers overall non-slip nature helps everyone keep their footing going up and down stairs.

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