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Commercial Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is a versatile option for a multitude of commercial uses. Whether you are looking for a rubber surface that prioritizes excitement, safety, durability, anti-fatigue or other properties, ORI commercial rubber surfaces can meet the needs of your project. 

Safe rubber surfacing for playgrounds


Variable rubber surfacing system thickness can be adjusted based on the playground specifics to meet ASTM and CAS standards for GMAX and HIC requirements. Fall heights for any play equipment chosen for the playground will be met to keep every playground safe for everyone to enjoy.

Full customizeable design options for playgrounds


Fully customizable design options to create themed playgrounds or fun coloured sections or shapes. Our wide range of colours allows playgrounds to look exactly as our client's want.

Accessible rubber sufacing for playgrounds


Pour-in-place rubber playground surfacing is a highly accessible option for playgrounds, daycares, parks and more. The solid, bonded surface allows for easy wheelchair access over the entire play area, as well as being able to create gentle slopes or ramps at entry points of the playground.

Durable rubber playground surface


Rubber playground surfaces offer a long-lasting option for playground flooring that is tough and won't easily break or get strewn about outside of the playground like old mulch or sand. Create clean, strong playgrounds that will maintain their integrity over a long lifespan.

Long-Term Benefits

The longevity of EPDM rubber commercial surfacing is a major benefit in choosing a pour-in-place system for your playground, daycare, sports court, barn, or business. The initial cost is more than balanced out by the long-term usage of the surface and the low maintenance required. Power washing annually will keep the surface looking new and resealing approximately every 5 years will help prevent excessive wear from high traffic on your rubber flooring.

Fun & Safe Commercial Rubber Flooring

Rubber surfacing creates a wide variety of commercial flooring types with a large array of benefits. Bright and exciting interactive play areas, safe and long lasting playgrounds, and durable stress-relief flooring options.

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Colourful custom designs to make fun, safe & long-lasting rubber playgrounds.



Create outdoor spaces with shapes, patterns & designs to let students explore ideas in a physical way.



Sturdy rubber flooring that provides cushion under hooves to ease stress on joints.

Recycled & Eco-Friendly

Playground base layers, levelling sections, and thick layers of rubber utilize SBR recycled tire rubber. We create softer and safer surfaces for your projects in an environmentally friendly way to create long-lasting playgrounds and commercial surfaces while reducing waste sent to landfills to enjoy the future responsibly.

Recycled and eco-friendly rubber surfacing for playgrounds


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